What Is Rainbow Jelly in Bubble Tea?

Bubble tea, also known as boba tea, has become increasingly popular. It is a tasty drink that can be made with a range of different flavors, and one of the unique ingredients that can be added is rainbow jelly.

But what exactly is rainbow jelly? Keep reading if you’re curious about this sweet treat and want to learn more!

What Is Rainbow Jelly in Bubble Tea?

Rainbow jelly is a popular topping for bubble tea, also known as pearl milk tea or boba. This is a vegetarian-friendly substance made from coconut meat and fruit juice, which gives the color.

It is called “rainbow” jelly because it is usually made with various fruit juices, giving it a colorful, rainbow-like appearance.

Rainbow jelly is usually cut into small cubes and added to the drink. It adds a fruity, sweet flavor to the bubble tea and a chewy texture to the drink. It is a fun and colorful topping that is popular among bubble tea fans.

There are many variations of rainbow jelly, and it can be made with various fruit juices, including strawberry, blueberry, mango, pineapple, and more. Some variations may also include additional ingredients, such as coconut milk or milk, to give the jelly a creamy texture.

Rainbow jelly is a versatile topping that can be added to any type of bubble tea. You can mix and match different fruit juices to create unique flavors or use different colors to create a visually striking rainbow jelly.

Why Is Rainbow Jelly Used in Bubble Tea?

Rainbow jelly adds an interesting texture to bubble tea drinks, setting them apart from other boba teas, like classic boba or taro bubble tea.

Not only does it have great taste, but it also provides some visual appeal with its colorful layers!

Plus, since it’s not overly sweet, it does not overpower other flavors in bubble tea drinks like milk or fruit teas. This makes rainbow jelly a great addition to any bubble tea order!

Rainbow Jelly Taste

It is worth noting that not all rainbow jellies are created in the same way, as some may be made with ingredients such as konjac powder, agar powder, fructose, and locust bean gum rather than coconut meat.

Rainbow jelly made from coconut meat will have a soft coconut flavor and may be flavored with fruit juice based on its color. For example, a blue piece of rainbow jelly may hint at blueberry flavor, an orange piece may taste like mango, and a red piece may taste like cherries or strawberries.

Rainbow jelly made from ingredients such as fructose and locust bean gum will lack the coconut flavor and may be sweeter and fruitier.

Other Types of Jelly

There are other jelly toppings, such as lychee, coffee, and grass jelly, which have different flavors and textures.

Lychee jelly can be made from konjac and flavored with lychee syrup, giving it a sweet and fruity taste. It has a bouncy, soft texture.

On the other hand, coffee jelly can be made from agar-agar and has a strong coffee flavor and a firm, jello-like consistency.

Grass jelly is made from the leaves of the Chinese mesona plant and has a slightly bitter, herbal flavor. It is often used in traditional Chinese medicine and has several reported health benefits.

It has a firm, slightly slippery texture and is often used in desserts and drinks to add a unique flavor and texture.

Rainbow Jelly vs Tapioca Pearls

Rainbow jelly is a popular choice for bubble tea enthusiasts because of its colorful and fun appearance, as well as its unique texture and flavor. It can be mixed and matched with different boba pearls to create a rainbow effect in the drink.

However, it is important to note that rainbow jelly differs from tapioca pearls. Rainbow jelly usually has a softer consistency and is slightly chewier, while tapioca pearls are made from tapioca starch and have a firmer texture.

How To Make Rainbow Jelly

If you have the time and resources, you can make your own rainbow jelly from scratch using coconut, food coloring, and fruit juice for flavoring.

The process involves softening the coconut chunks in water and adding sweetener, coloring (optional), and fruit juice before chilling them in the fridge to achieve the jelly texture. For the full rainbow effect, each color must be made separately.

Alternatively, you can purchase pre-made rainbow jelly online to add to your bubble tea.

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